Sarah Johnston


As a current Director with the Calgary Real Estate Board, Sarah has realized the importance of giving back. From sharing her experiences and stories online to speaking in front of large crowds or meeting other REALTORS (r) for coffee, Sarah is trying to raise the bar of real estate. Her self-depreciating humour makes an easy entrance for anyone and has made her a fan favourite for nationwide podcasts and interviewers alike. Of course, she has to have some downtime too and that is usually spent with her horse, dog, pretending to enjoy yoga or yelling at herself on the golf course.





Marilyn Leger

Sarah’s Right Hand

Marilyn has worked in the Real Estate Industry for over 17 years. Not only is she Sarah’s right hand, she’s slowly becoming her left hand as well! Previously working ‘behind the scenes’ of a successful real estate brokerage, Marilyn is now front and centre and responsible for all of Sarah’s client care and office management. Being well organized, Marilyn allows Sarah’s team to run flawlessly. Her main focus is PEOPLE and as such will help clients enjoy a successful real estate experience!

Julie Jeffery

Mortgage Broker

Julie is a mortgage broker and the owner of DLC Elevation Mortgage, a boutique mortgage office in the heart of Marda Loop. She is a current Director with the Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association and enjoys providing mentorship and volunteering time in her industry. Julie is a mortgage matchmaker – providing the right mortgage solution offered by banks, credit unions and national lenders customized to fit life, family and financial goals of her clients. She provides service to clients from all areas of Calgary, throughout Alberta, and if needed across Canada. Any spare time is spent with her family enjoying the incredible Alberta outdoors or dreaming up delicious dinners that wow her friends.

Instagram: @elevationmortgageyyc


Ali Tisdall


Ali was born and raised in Calgary. After receiving a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree from Queen’s University in 2009, Ali obtained a Juris Doctor from the University of Calgary in 2012.


Tyrone M. Mellon

Real Estate Inspector

Tyrone M. Mellon is the principle owner of Mellon Real Estate Inspection. He started his career in the Oil and Gas industry, focused at Electrical, Engineering Sustainability, Operations, and Commissioning Construction Management 20 years ago.